Note: For Premium VR, you can switch between games anytime for the duration that you booked.

Tower Tag Laser TagVR

Laser Tag VR
Up to 3 versus 3

Arizona Sunshine

Up to 2 Players Campaign
Up to 4 Players Horde Mode

Elven Assassin

Up to 4 players Co-Op

Space Pirate Trainer

Smash Box Arena

Up to 3 versus 3 players

Sky Front

Up to 5 versus 5 Players


Up to 4 Players Co-Op

The Blu

Snow Fortress

1 versus 1 players

Guns'n Stories

Eagle Flight

Up to 3 versus 3 Players

Shooty Fruity

Dick Wilde 2

Up to 2 Players Co-Op

Pistol Whip


VRZ Torment

Up to 8 Players Co-Op

Monsterplants vs Bowling

Up to 2 Players Co-Op

Loco Dojo

Up to 4 Players Versus

Cowbots VS Aliens

Up to 4 versus 4 Players

Serious Sam

Up to 2 Players Co-Op

Affected: The Manor

Nature Trek

Zombie Training Simulator

Richie Plank Experience

Ninja Legends

Paper Fire: Rookie

Job Simulator

Vacation Simulator

Angry Bird

Hoops VR

Fruit Ninja

Tilt Brush

Kyber Knights

5 versus 5 Players

Synth Riders

Up to 10 players Versus

Arena PVP

Up 4 versus 4 Players

Killing Zombies VR

Up to 4 players Co-Op

Dig 4 Destruction

Up to 4 players versus

IgKnight Food Fight Arcade

Up to 2 versus 2 players

Rhythmatic - Music

Up to 6 players Team or Versus

Private Property

Up to 4 players Co-Op

Jousting Time

Up to 2 players Versus