Multiplayer Free Roam Arena

Free roam content differs from room-scale in that the games are designed without chaperones and are intended to be played in large, arena-scale spaces.

Free roam content generally uses wireless/untethered headsets, allowing the players to freely walk around the area to play.

Up to 4 players can simultaneously share the same VR experience in the same VR space. Step into the arena, put on a VR headset, and find yourself in an entirely different world.

An unknown virus rapidly spread through Los Angeles. The infection left thousands of undead roaming the streets. The west coast has collapsed with only a few people remaining. All hope of making it out alive was lost until hearing a radio message from a resistance group. To survive the group must work together and make it through the fallen city.

LA Deadzone is an arcade exclusive Free Roam Experience. Players will physically walk through the environment to naturally progress through the story with no artificial locomotion. The Players experience an intense survival adventure fighting off zombies as they try to escape. Designed as a high throughput and impactful experience.

On the rooftop, protect the Datagem from the onslaught as you await emergency extraction. Grab powerups and place force shields around the roof to gain an edge against the robots. See how many waves your team can get through, and compete to get the highest score!