How Does It Work At Zion VR?


Here at Zion Virtual Reality, we’re all pretty big enthusiasts about the latest VR hardware to hit the market. Zion VR the only VR arcade that offers premium wireless free Roam in Northern California. Free Roam VR offers a vastly superior experience compared to treadmill-based VR.

Instead of worrying about cable dangling, twisting, and restricting your movement, Zion VR offers premium wireless headsets that allow you to forget about the physical world and experience VR without constantly worrying about the wires. The freedom that the Zion VR Wireless headset makes the headset feel like a whole new product.

Free Roam Arena VR

Experience free-roaming multiplayer virtual reality with up to 2-6 players at the same time. Walk freely in our 400 square foot arena. Thanks to the latest in gaming hardware, we provide a fully wireless VR experience, allowing completely free movement. There aren’t any wires or walls to get in the way of your virtual reality adventures.You are free to wander, duck, and dodge in a wide open area that is 10 times larger than your average VR experience. Free Roam VR offers a vastly superior experience compared to treadmill-based VR.

Arcade Premium VR

Zion VR is a virtual reality arcade that uses high quality virtual reality technology.
Each session is 1 hour minimum. You may book as many hours as you like.

We have about 40 different games/experiences to choose from.
You can select which ones you want to play at ANY TIME during your session.
About half of our games/experiences are multi-player (from 2 players up to 10 players depending the selection)

We have 10 “stations” or “booths” at our facility. Think of it as a play space, where you can move freely without running into anyone.
Each station is equipped with ONE headset/controllers, and therefore can only accommodate ONE person at a time.

We allow sharing up to 2 people per station max (NO EXCEPTIONS), but they need to alternate the headset and will not be able to play at the same time.
If your party has more than 2 people, then you need to make sure you book enough stations to accommodate everyone in your party.
(Strong recommendation: It is a lot more fun if each person has their own station and can play at the same time, rather than alternating headsets)

To play multi-player games with each other, each person in your party needs his/her OWN station.
Stations can be linked together via voice chat so you will always be able to communicate within your group no matter what games/experiences you choose.

The age limit at our facility is 7+. The reason is because their headsets will probably not fit or be too heavy for them to wear, and they are too young to comprehend how to use the controllers or navigate the virtual reality world.
We will not give refunds if your child is too small or too young to comprehend VR so please be sure you follow our age rules when booking.

Free Roam Laser Tag VR

Tower Tag brings laser tag into Virtual Reality. You compete against each other in exciting battles and show who is the better player or the better player on the battlefield. At Tower Day not only skill is required, but also your physical fitness is in demand. With our own locomotion method, the game is also suitable for sensitive people.