Zion VR FAQs

Virtual reality is a cutting edge medium of gaming experience that gives viewers unprecedented immersion into an environment by wearing a head mounted display (HMD) and a pair of controllers. The headset tracks the viewer’s movements allowing the viewer to physically look and move around inside a virtual space. Most of games are exclusive to Zion Virtual Reality.

It’s incredibly realistic. Beyond gaming, Zion Virtual Reality offers a new way to experience gaming and entertainment.

Most of our games are exclusive to Zion Virtual Reality. Only place in California to offer the best family fun Escape Room in Virtual Reality and Free Roams.

In regular escape room, you have a very defined scope. You are still limited, ultimately, by four walls. While escape room in vr, also called escape adventure, you are transported to a new unconfined locations. Our VR escape rooms allow you to go beyond phsyical space, and to do what you couldn’t do in proscribed physical space. Similar to the movie Jumanji, you go on an adventure together, solve puzzles, uncover clues, and crack codes to progress through our multiplayer VR escape adventure escape rooms. Example, in our survival escape room vr, you and your group members will be transported into a big island, and will have to figure out a way to escape. Another example is the party are stuck in the Northpole, Santa’s house, and have to figured out how to help Santa. We encourage players to enjoy richer social gaming experiences through exhilarating and challenging gameplay, breath-taking graphics, and larger-than-life environments! kid-friendly activities. Click here for list of escape adventure Escape Room VR games. 

We are located at

12401 Folsom Blvd STE 125

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Entrance is in back, around the corner of Nimbus Winery Village.

Mon Closed
An appointment is required at 2:00 pm. Walk-ins are available after 3:00 pm.
Tue 2:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Wed 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Thu 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fri 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sat 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

We offer the best prices. Prices are located on the prices page.

You can book a session by clicking here

Premium VR – 1 hour minimum

Escape Room VR – 1 hour minimum

Racing Simulator VR – 30 minutes minimun

We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes early to check-in and will go through a short safety briefing. The briefing will go through equipment rules and also how to operate Virtual Reality.

Yes. We developed a user-friendly virtual reality game library for our premium arcade experience, so you can efficiently and quickly switch between games at your own convenience.

For regular bookings, if you notify us:at least 48 hours in advance of your booking, Zion VR will issue a full refund.
at least 24 hours in advance of your booking, Zion VR will issue a 50% refund.
less than 24 hours in advance of your booking, Zion VR will be unable to issue a refund.
We do not issue refunds for a change of mind or gift vouchers or late or no-shows.For party packages, there is NO cancellations or rescheduling.Please email us at info@zionvr.net if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any problems.
Bookings can only be cancelled at the discretion of “Zion VR“.

Our facility has 10 stations total. Each person per headset/station. Max up to ten people may at once, with one person per station. Our multi-player games range from 2-10 players, depending on the game you choose. Our Escape Room VR has up to 6 players who can play at once, Each Headset/station per person.

You can book as many hours as you like. You get exactly one hour experience per slot that you booked.

You must be 7 years and over to play Premium VR, 8 years and over to play escape room vr, and 11 years and over to play racing sim vr. We do not recommend this experience to those who are pregnant, who has epilepsy or have a serious heart condition. Zion VR also provides an experience that people physically could not have otherwise. Zion VR helps people with disabilities explore the world that might be difficult or impossible in real life.

It depends on the size of your glasses frame. Our virtual reality headset allows you to wear glasses if it can fit, but it can be uncomfortable as you are wearing it for one hour. We recommend that you wear contacts. There’s also the risk that the headset might scratch your glasses or our headset lenses.

At Zion VR, we provide high-end computers and technology that decreases the chance of motion sickness.Not all VR systems are alike. The state of the art technology we offer at Zion VR reduces motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea by 99%. If there is a chance that you feel uneasy at any point, we ask that you stop and inform us immediately.There will be no refunds should you feel motion sickness during your session.

Note: From our experience, 1 out of 10 people experience motion sickness in Racing Simulator VR.

Our virtual Reality system has built-in grid, called Chaperone, which shows up whenever you’re close to the bounds of your play area (the wall). Do not walk or move past the virtual reality grid.

Each station can only accommodate one person at a time.

You must be 7 years and over to play premium VR and free Roam VR. We recommend 8 years and over for escape room vr,  11 years old over for the free roam zombies, and 6 and up for the Herozone free roam.

With Free-Roam, you are moving physically in a 20×20 feet area. You see the other person next to you. Non-Free-Roam, you will have to use the controllers to move around.

You will play with your own group in the same area.

Currently, you can play the Zombie’s free roam

Yes, you play within your group for every game experience we offer.

We always recommend booking online to guarantee your spots, especially on weekends. Walk-ins are welcome on weekdays if spots are available. you can check availabilities on our website.

Need Support?

Contact us through email: info@zionvr.net, phone: (916) 888-1085.