Full Birthday Party

Full Party Package: Have the place to yourself! Full Party package includes 2 hours of play time, and additional 40 minutes for eating/party. 10 Premium VR Bays (including laser tag vr and escape room vr), 4 Free Roam Arena VR (all games), 4 Racing/flight Simulator VR. We have a lounge space and you can bring your own food/drinks for your party. We have a comfy couch and will provide an extra table and additional chairs for seatings. Our lounge space will hold maximum of 20 people. You can share the stations among members of your group in whichever way you decide during your 2 hour session. $2260 $1000

2 hours play time, additional 40 minutes for eating. Includes:
  • Premium Virtual Reality

  • Free Roam Arena VR

  • 5D Racing/ Flight Simulator VR