• 5 star rating  This place is the best place ever! My husband and I come here almost every week now because it is soooooo much fun! We could play forever!! So many different... read more

    Stephanie L. Avatar Stephanie L.
  • 5 star rating  The kiddos had a blast. We showed up late (due to traffic) and was still allowed our hour we reserved and paid for. That was great customer service and we... read more

    Lindsay S. Avatar Lindsay S.
  • 5 star rating  This place is awesome. Friendly staff was always around to help if you got stuck or couldn't figure something out. Played co-op games with my hunny in another station and... read more

    Lisa K. Avatar Lisa K.
  • 5 star rating  Great experience! I went here for a date night. Could not have gone better. I was able to communicate with my date via microphone. Worked surprisingly well.
    I have been... read more

    Clark R. Avatar Clark R.
  • 5 star rating  My boyfriend and I tried this yesterday, on a Monday. We did a walk in, because we weren't sure when we were free. We came in around 3:30 and it... read more

    Diana D. Avatar Diana D.
  • 5 star rating  This place is straight up awesome! Decided to come here to celebrate a birthday and I would say that it was a great choice! The owner of this spot (Shawn)... read more

    Stevenson C. Avatar Stevenson C.
  • 5 star rating  My kids enjoyed it...money well spent!! Staff was friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back again! Sean and Stephanie were very nice amd patient as well! �

    Dora R. Avatar Dora R.
  • 5 star rating  Zion VR is amazing, I like that you can book an appointment online and when you come in you don't have to worry about the hassle. I would recommend bringing... read more

    Tiffany T. Avatar Tiffany T.
  • 5 star rating  Such a fun experience!! I keep thinking about coming back and finishing our zombie game. Too bad my boyfriend and i live on the southern part of california.

    My boyfriend and... read more

    Vivian Y. Avatar Vivian Y.
  • 5 star rating  Me and the hubby went here for a date. It's super clean, reasonably priced, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. It was SO MUCH FUN. The games get... read more

    Faith V. Avatar Faith V.
  • 5 star rating  The Arcade itself is pretty good! The VR headset is easy to put on but can be nauseating at times whenever you play physically exerting games. Virtual Dodgeball, Eagle game... read more

    Arjun A. Avatar Arjun A.
  • 5 star rating  This place KICKS ASS and Shawn/Sean, dont know how he spells his name, but he is GREAT and very helpful. He doesnt just leave you to figure the games... read more

    Wicked S. Avatar Wicked S.
  • 5 star rating  Helpful, kind owner. You'll have fun here!

    Amy. E. Avatar Amy. E.
  • 5 star rating  I initially saw Zion Virtual Reality through reviewers on Yelp. I've been wanting to try VR myself for a very long time, and I finally booked an appointment! It was... read more

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  • 5 star rating  Awesome experience and not just because of the virtual reality games but the staff is super helpful and welcoming. I highly recommend

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  • 5 star rating  Absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe how fast the time went! I can't recommend Zion enough!

    Alexander L. Avatar Alexander L.
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  • 5 star rating  So fun! I want to do it again! Can't wait to take my husband for date night.

    Vicky S. Avatar Vicky S.
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    Stephanie K. Avatar Stephanie K.
  • 5 star rating  So much fun. Definitely going with friend(s) makes it way cooler. Multiplayer games. Good hosts that will help you out. I would stay there all day if I could.

    Jared B. Avatar Jared B.
  • 5 star rating  Spent the day there, it was great! I tried out Space Pirate Trainer & Google Earth VR, and talked to a lot of interested people. Zion looks very professional.
    A... read more

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  • 5 star rating  Took my nephew to this place. We really enjoyed it. If you are into gaming check this place out.

    Thomas M. Avatar Thomas M.
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    James H. Avatar James H.
  • 5 star rating  Tons of fun! I went with my boyfriend, but we were unfortunately only able to get 1 bay because we didn't make a reservation.  It was a great date place,... read more

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  • 5 star rating  This was an amazing experience! Had a blast and would do this again!

    Lala S. Avatar Lala S.
  • 5 star rating  Excellent! My husband brought me yesterday for my birthday. We played a game together too- interesting how far technology has come. Pretty easy to get a handle on it too.... read more

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  • 5 star rating  Fantastic experience with my two granddaughters, ages 7 and 11.

    Brenda G. Avatar Brenda G.
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  • 5 star rating  Had an amazing time! So much fun, and realistic experience. There are many game options to chose from. There are tons of multi player games, single player games.

    Seash W. Avatar Seash W.
  • 5 star rating  So much fun and well organized. Runs about $25 so it's relatively inexpensive and fun.

    Eric K. Avatar Eric K.
  • 5 star rating  Such a great treat for our family. The staff needs to make sure the adults playing are aware there are children present. The first time was amazing because it was... read more

    Kathryn W. Avatar Kathryn W.
  • 5 star rating  Tons of fun! Took my 13 year old and we both had a great time. He wants to go back and I totally agree.

    Jessica C. Avatar Jessica C.
  • 5 star rating  So when I'm not playing paintball, gambling my money away at the casino or watching the newest movie out this is where you will find me from now on. This... read more

    Raymond M. Avatar Raymond M.
  • 5 star rating  Didn't think I would get brought so deep into the virtual game. The game "Left Hand Path" let me be a mage. Had a great balance of thrill and mystery.... read more

    Linh L. Avatar Linh L.
  • 5 star rating  These guys are giving me hope that someday arcades may come back! Their VR setups are fantastic and emersive. They have a wide variety of games that has something for... read more

    Norman W. Avatar Norman W.
  • 5 star rating  Lots of fun! Loved playing dodgeball even though I was pretty terrible at it lol!

    Sarah H. Avatar Sarah H.
  • 5 star rating  I took my brother after I saw the event online. It sounded like something that he'd enjoy. Neither he nor I were disappointed. We had a great time! And we... read more

    Jahaila C. Avatar Jahaila C.
  • 5 star rating  i don't want to tell you why i gave zion vr 5 stars.
    go see for yourself.
    totally worth it.

    Walee B. Avatar Walee B.
  • 5 star rating  Dope! Super dope!! This place is amazing and a first of its kind for me. My girlfriend and I came in as first timers and the staff was super friendly... read more

    Travis G. Avatar Travis G.
  • 5 star rating  Ama-Zion! (I'm sorry, I had to.) A new arcade in town, Zion is all about VR, virtual reality! With eight different stations and hubs equipped with HTC Vive controllers, headsets,... read more

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  • 5 star rating  Me and my bf came here on Valentine's Day. My bf is a gamer so I knew he would love it, the surprise was how much I loved it. The... read more

    Jay T. Avatar Jay T.
  • 5 star rating  Super nice place clean and super friendly! Totally recommend!  We played for 1hr and the whole time when we had questions someone was there to help us!

    Jose H. Avatar Jose H.
  • 5 star rating  My boyfriend and I loved this experience! We were looking for something fun and different to do for date night and stumbled upon this place.

    I'm so glad we did!... read more

    Trunina O. Avatar Trunina O.


Zion VR is proud to offer virtual reality game center to the Sacramento area. Our high tech virtual reality fuses the latest advancements in immersive head mounted displays, and interactive motion tracking technology. Zion Virtual Reality offers the freedom of movement with seamless and highly interactive virtual reality gaming and experiences.


Beyond gaming, Zion VR offers a new way to experience gaming and entertainment. Visitors will be wearing the headset to make them feel like they are immersed in the virtual reality world. The equipment will be high-tech that upon wearing the headset, you will be able to see, hear, and sense the virtual world they are in, dissociating from the actual world. Any movement you do in real life will translate into the virtual reality world.


It’s the funnest place in Sacramento! Zion VR provides the opportunity to experience real 360 degree virtual reality first-hand at an affordable price. Zion VR also provides an experience that no other devices can. Our high end equipment was specifically built for VR, which will show you what it’s truly like to be in another world. Not only can you be in another world, you can join the same world with a group of friends and share the same experience!


Book Your Session

Click here if you wish to reserve a VR session. We welcome walk-ins, but scheduled session will have priority. It is a better option to book a session ahead of time. You can check the availability by clicking on this calendar for open slots. Payment can be made electronically with your credit card or debit.


Zion VR has 10 virtual reality stations. Each station can only accommodate one person at a time as there is only one headset and headphone per station. Multiplayer games cannot be played in only one station. If you want to play multiplayer games with your friends, it will require more than 1 station to be able to link up.


Each session is a minimum of one hour. You may book up to 8 hours of play time.

Choosing Games

We developed a software that allows you to enter a 3D VR environment (Zion Game Room) to easily preview, load and switch games at your convenience.

Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read our policy, terms and condition before booking a reservation with us. When you book a reservation at Zion VR, we ensure that space for you. Which means you have priority over someone without a reservation. Therefore, we do not give refunds for cancellations or allow rescheduling. Please make sure at time of your booking that you are able to attend your reservation time. Payment is required for booking.

View our Terms and Conditions

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Zion Virtual Reality

Zion Virtual Reality Summer Sale! Limited time discount! Up to 25% OFF. Slots are selling fast. Book now at www.zionvr.net

Posted by Zion Virtual Reality - Sacramento on Wednesday, July 5, 2017


          • WHAT?

            Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or wand controllers with sensors.

          • WHO?

            Zion VR is a family-oriented place. It will be safe, clean and professional. Customers of every age, shape and form can play virtual reality. Anybody can play a game in virtual reality and there are games for every person. Even people who aren’t particularly fond of playing video games can get into the virtual reality system. Senior citizens, corporate events, students, gamer, bachelor parties and families with their kids for birthdays.

          • WHERE?

            Zion VR opened it’s first virtual reality arcade in November 2016 at 1140 Exposition Blvd., Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95815 near Costco and REI.

          • WHY?

            Virtual reality will transform gaming and entertainment. At Zion VR we offers Room-scale VR (room-scale virtual reality). With Room-scale, players are able able to physically move within the space helps to replicate real-world movement for the user and make the virtual environment seem more real.

Book a Session Now!